By default, LayerOps secures all network flows from the Internet and between your applications (TLS, SSL certificates, HTTPS) and applies security standards (CIS, hardening).

LayerOps allows you to monitor the consumption of resources used by your applications, and provides dashboards (memory, CPU, disk consumption, etc.). Set alert thresholds and be notified in the event of a problem.

Yes. We are compatible with several hosting providers.
You can, for example, have two APIs: one that consumes few resources, but needs to be highly available, and a second that consumes a lot of CPU. To avoid high costs, you can deploy your first API on a public cloud with horizontal scalability, and your second API on a dedicated server. You can put the two together and benefit from the advantages of each host.

No, LayerOps is an automated deployment and platform monitoring solution. LayerOps integrates with existing hosting providers of your choice.

Yes, the data is hosted on your servers and VMs. We take care of the operational side and have no knowledge of your data.
Outsourced automatic backup options are available, but the data still belongs to you.

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