Multi & Hybrid
Cloud Platform

LayerOps makes it easy to deploy, secure, manage costs and monitor your applications. Deploy in the cloud, on bare-metal servers or a combination of both.

LayerOps Console

A Single DevOps Tool

Free yourself from managing software like Kubernetes, Terraform, and Ansible. Focus on the core of your project.


Multi Cloud & Hybrid Cloud

Resource creation

Create your cloud provider instances from within LayerOps. Automatic creation of networks, security groups, etc.

Advanced features

Authorization-based role management (RBAC), automatic instance replacement, autoscaling (from 0 to N), automatic monitoring and alerting.

Secure interconnection

Secure interconnection between instances via a dedicated VPN network. All incoming traffic is secured on all deployed instances.

Hybrid Cloud

Create hybrid environments by interconnecting cloud provider instances and bare-metal servers on the same environment.


Application Deployment

Service management

Schedule your CRON services, define programmed start/stop times and implement scheduled scalability.

Auto scaling

Automatic scaling of your services according to load, with instance autoscaling.

Service mesh

Ensure secure communications between services with flows based on mTLS technology.


Easily integrate LayerOps into your CI/CD with our API-first approach, and define your services flexibly using YAML files.


Monitoring and Maintenance


Monitor and supervise your instances and services without any additional action.


Stateful data backup functions, with external storage via S3 protocol.


Centralized service logs, accessible from a Grafana supervision interface.


Alerts on unavailability of your instances to communication channels.

Flexibility and Security

High Availability Simplified.

Hybrid Cloud

Combine instances from different public clouds and physical servers in the same environment. Facilitate high availability while optimizing costs and ensuring security.

RBAC on Environments.


Isolate your instances and services for enhanced security and optimized cost management. Define precise permissions on your environment's resources through role-based access control.

Advanced Features

No matter which cloud provider you choose.


Easily integrate public or private Git repositories to pull your source code directly into your services.

Deployment Constraints

Set custom rules to control where your service will be deployed.


Describe your services in YAML format and automate updates by integrating them into your CI/CD process.


Create temporary SSH access to your services with authorization, facilitating management and support.


Schedule auto-scaling times for more efficient resource usage.

Auto replace

Unavailable instances are automatically replaced, ensuring continuous service availability.

All your services, highly available

Docker images.

Deploy all your services

Deploy any application with Docker image support. In a few clicks, deploy your services from a public or private registry.

Autoscaling instances and services


Boost your performance effortlessly with LayerOps' dynamic autoscaling. Services automatically respond to load, triggering the addition or removal of instances. Autoscaling is available across all cloud providers.

Focus on Your Applications

LayerOps takes care of the rest.

API First

Easily integrate LayerOps into your development pipeline.

Domain Names

Customize your domain names by adding your own domains to your services.

SSL Certificates

Simplify security management by letting LayerOps automatically create and update your SSL certificates.


Enjoy complete and automated monitoring of your instances and services.


Stay proactive with our alert function that notifies you immediately in case of issues in your environments.

HTTP/2 Load Balancer

LayerOps maintains load balancers, ensuring high availability of your services.

Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)

Deploy to your provider accounts

Everything is deployed to your accounts, so you retain full control and remain your provider's administrator. Benefit from your cloud credits.

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